J go fit will change the way you view "fitness" by working on all aspects of your personal wellness - your entire being -mind, body and spirit. 

I believe that your body mind and spirit can all be focused together to drive your overall well being to a higher level with more profound and lasting results.


I passionately believe that most current programs fall far short of addressing those forces and needs at the core of all individuals seeking a more holistic and profound personal improvement.


I take a comprehensive approach to fitness- physical, mental, environmental, spiritual, emotional, and social health. I am able to show each aspect is inextricably interrelated and each aspect of our personhood plays a key part of creating a healthier, stronger more centered and fulfilled you!

“I was very apprehensive about joining J Go's program. I was middle age and out of shape. Then I started working with Jordan. She genuinely cares about us and for me that made all the difference in my desire to stick with a program!”

/// Cathy Vernier

“Her program is designed to build you up and make you believe in yourself and your ability to push through and achieve your goals.

/// Lisa McMillan

I started training with Jordan in December 2013 to prepare for my upcoming wedding. Jordan was fantastic about putting together interesting, varied workouts that were both fun and novel, and challenged my target areas. I was incredibly happy with the progress I made with Jordan, both in terms of my body (weight loss, inches lost!) and tangible workout goals (squatting and bench pressing weights!). 

Her social and positive attitude made it easier to get through difficult portions. Her workouts were adaptable to various gym locations based on my schedule, and she was incredibly flexible with morning and evening workouts. Jordan also trains me over the web, providing workouts 2x per week, and tracking my progress online. 

/// Nikki Crowley

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