27 Things I've Learned in 27 Years

Celebrating my 27th trip around the sun today and reflecting on all the lessons I've learned through the years.

1. Quit the unfulfilling job

2. Follow my passions, even if everyone thinks I’m crazy

3. To expand my comfort zone I must lean into my own discomfort until I break down the walls and become the best person that I was created to be.

4. Treat everyone equal - treat the janitor the same way you would treat the CEO.

5. Love people. HARD. unconditionally

6. I can do anything if I work hard and set my mind to it

7. Never give up on my dreams, even when others make me question my self-worth. It is my passion that will pull me through.

8. To connect deeper with others I must first connect deeply with myself

9. The more I become confident in myself, the less control others’ opinions have on me

10. Stop apologizing so dang much and just, Be unapologetically YOU

11. Self-care is not selfish

12. See beauty beyond numbers

13. Take time away to reflect on what sets your soul on fire!

1️4. Be whole-1 Connect to your mind, body & soul!

15. We are complex human beings, but most things can be healed with love -starting with yourself

16. Guilt & self-doubt is what holds you back from your best self 💙

17. Say NO more: instead of trying to please everyone, I realized in order to have a stronger yes, I had to say no more

18. Let go of perfection: this idea I had to be, act, think & live a certain way - embrace the imperfections & focus on progress.

19. You are your own timeline - no one else's path will look quite like yourself.

20. Let go of fear. For so long, I was so AFRAID to fully believe in MYSELF because it meant I had to embrace vulnerability.

21. Stop allowing other people's expectations to rule over YOUR LIFE.

22. Be loud- even tho the world wants me to whisper. I will not allow others to quiet my voice or make me feel insignificant. I have the power, only I can allow myself to feel this way

23. Stop waiting for the "perfect time" to start. If we are always waiting for the perfect body, or the perfect time to do something, we will ALWAYS be waiting instead of living.

24. Smile every day. Really smile, like when you feel joy & gratitude. This reminds you of what matters & you will show up with confidence.

25. It’s okay to take a step back and just enjoy life with my husband.

26. Step outside your bubble. We are often consumed with how we are viewed by others, because we get stuck in our bubble & forget life is more than just a social media newsreel.

27. There will ALWAYS be stress and chaos in our lives. But we can choose to spend our lives in fear and worrying about the future OR we can choose to

L I V E.

Thank you for celebrating with me and the part you have played in these lessons I have learned. I am truly blessed & cannot express how grateful I am for all that has made up the past 27 years. The good and the bad, I see it all and I am still here thanking God for every damn breath he has given me.

To many more life lessons & stretched comfort zones-




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