Kondo Your Kitchen

Alright, it's time to Marie Kondo your Kitchen!

If you have read or watched Tidying Up on Netflix then you know what I’m talking about. This is my spin on her method but directed towards your food & the kitchen.

Let’s talk about FOOD. Food absolutely CAN bring us JOY! It can be associated with family memories, date nights, home cooking & so much more. But often we are so focused on having ENOUGH that we allow ourselves to be overrun with unnecessary food & even eating just because it’s there. (Scarcity Mindset)

It’s time to reevaluate your WHY behind your food purchases.

Let’s start with your PANTRY. Many of us come from a place of privilege where we often do have extra food stored in our pantry just in case. We stock up on certain items because it was on sale or we just did not want to be without. We continue to just buy items we may need one day, but end up so uninspired in the kitchen we ditch the pantry & head straight for the take-out menu.

Overtime your items get stacked so deep it’s almost impossible to remember what all you’ve purchased.

Pantry Problems- Start with doing a kitchen audit. Get rid of any items that you have had for a long time & probably will never use (donate to the food bank)

Visibility- Next re-organizing your pantry so all of your items are EASY to SEE!

Plan to actually make some of these pantry foods so you are not swimming in cans.

Maintenance- Taking time to do this every few months will help eliminate unnecessary purchases for baking & cooking with these items.

There’s nothing wrong with take-out now & again but I think we have truly lost the JOY behind meals in the home. We are so cluttered with other distractions & instant gratification of meals these days & it causes us to see cooking as an inconvenience.

What if we changed that mindset. What if we started to instill practices of cooking meals that truly bring us JOY?!

It IS possible to have healthy, convenient food throughout the week even if our schedule is busy.

The next stop before we get to the end of this Tidying Up process is our FRIDGE. Let’s take some time to look into what we currently have in the fridge as well as our go-to purchases.

Okay so you decided you want to start “eating healthy” so you went on Pintrest, found 101 healthy recipes then bought all those items at the store, stuffed them in your fridge only to find over 50% of those foods going bad because you got too overwhelmed with the recipes or too bogged down at work to create these 5 star picture perfect meals ★★★★★

Sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to be this complicated! There is a way to eat healthy without doing a total 180 to your current habits.

➤Start small- start with just adding fruits & veggies to your current meals. If you cook a frozen pizza, great. Just made a side salad to eat first so you can still enjoy the pizza, just in moderation.

➤Stop the Waste- Tired of wasting veggies- buy some frozen veggies like broccoli (no added ingredients) so you always have some greens on hand without having to worry about them wilting by mid-week.

➤Create Visibility- Want to actually EAT your fruits & veggies? Make them VISIBLE! Pre-wash, cut & sort your fruits & veggies into easy to grab containers that make whipping salad together quick & easy. By making those fresh foods as convenient as more processed junk you have less of an excuse to grab something from a box. Marie Kondo said it best, you want to remind yourself of all the items you purchased. Do this by making them VISIBLE. (i.e. eye-level in the fridge)

➤Organize the Chaos- Once you have your pantry under control, go through your fridge & freezer for a DEEP CLEAN. If you feel like the foods you haven’t touched in a long time are not helping you with your goals & you don’t truly enjoy the food itself, donate or trash it.

Once you’ve cleaned shop physically clean your fridge & reorganize where you want your items to go.

➤Take Inventory- Have a notebook outside your fridge to write down your list as needs come up. This makes shopping easier & you can wait until you have a longer list so you are not going to the store 3x/week.

➤Have a “Trash Day” once/week - this isn’t what you think. I do this thing at least 1x/week where I will take any leftovers or veggies that are close to going bad (but not bad yet!) & cook them for all my meals that day. It usually ends in super creative meals that can taste REALLY good. This helps ELIMINATE food waste & save you money. We usually do trash day the day before we are going to hit up the grocery store.

➤Meal Plan like a HUMAN - listen I know you want to be super cute & make Pintrest Perfect meals to be #fitspo but that is just NOT REALISTIC. Start with just ONE more intricate recipe to try & then keep your other meals SUPER SIMPLE. I also have TWO boards on Pintrest one is meals TO try & the other one is meals I HAVE TRIED >> aka if I tried them and they were a success I pin them here! This was I can go back to those that were EASY for me to create. I also recommend keeping things even more simple & just think what veggies, meat & fruit do you want to eat that week. Making a plan & a list that works for YOUR lifestyle is key! If you work crazy hours, then crock pot meals may be best, or prepping in food containers. If you like variety, then cooking in bulk so you can change up the seasoning throughout the week may be the best route. Do you need a quick grab & go breakfast then find what works for YOU.

Health does not need to be complicated. Keep it SIMPLE.

Now it's your turn to #MarieKondoYourKitchen !!

CHALLENGE this week May 6-10th post your "before" and "after" fridge & pantry photos & TAG ME @JGoFitLife & use the hashtag #MarieKondoYourKitchen

After this week we are starting my #WholeFoodChallenge for my bday countdown (May 22nd!) It starts May 12th so be sure you have joined the crew! Join HERE

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