The Best Decluttering Advice for your LIFE

Our physical environment and how we treat it is a direct representation of how we are feeling on the INSIDE. As much as I hate to hear this, it IS true. Most days I am a complete ClusterF*ck... why? Because I got 99 ideas and cleaning ain’t one.

But over the years I have come to realize that the more anxious and stressed I am the worse my messy environment and behaviors become. I start to get overwhelmed and even the little things get ahead of me.

It is AMAZING what a little TLC to my home can have on my head. Sometimes self-love isn’t about going to get a manicure but about going through all the shit you’ve been putting off #chores #adultlife.

We are moving at the end of the month and I am having to get my life together. And to be honest, I could not do it alone. I called on Erika Taylor, from TayloringStyle to help me organize, prioritize, stylize everything that has been cluttering up my life. We went through all of my clothes and had to decide if it was worth keeping or if I should donate it and move on. She simultaneously helped me put together a Capsule Wardrobe for our 6 week honeymoon adventure to Thailand this fall! Needless to say I feel so much clarity now that I have cleared the clutter and can continue to focus on getting rid of unnecessary shit in my closet.

This decluttering extends deeper into my life as I continue to grow in myself and in my coaching business. I want to keep the people close to me that are helping me elevate who I am. However, I have had to cut some ties in order to free myself further. If you’re like me, you may try to justify saving things by saying “well what if I need this later” and the same can go with trying to stick it out in toxic relationships- “what if I need them later” Guess what? You are a strong independent woman who don’t need no drama. Declutter your life today.


Start now. Here are MY Tips & Erika’s tips for how to declutter your life AND

your closet!

Wardrobe: Go through your closet and look at each piece of clothing, shoes, and accessory and ask yourself if you realllly love it. Have you worn it in the last year? Did you wear it last season? If the answer is no, then put it in a pile to give away or sell. What you put on everyday can really make or break your day. Have you ever put on an outfit and just thought ‘dang. I look good today’ or ‘man, I REALLY love this top’?! Do you remember how you felt in that outfit? When we feel comfortable in our own skin, bodies, and even outfits, we feel more confident and therefore more prepared to take on whatever life tosses our way! One more tip - rack up on & invest in staple, versatile pieces for each season. You can see multiple of my ‘must-have’ posts here.

Bedroom: Make your bed every morning. It’s an easy tip that can change your whole day once you make it a habit. Having your bed made & put together with some nice pillows will take your room to a whole new level. A level of feeling more ‘put together’, clean, & productive. As JGo mentioned, a clean mind allows for more of a clear thought process, which allows us to fill our minds with more positive thoughts and in-turn we will have better days & accomplish more of what we want to.



Social Media: unfollow/unfriend anyone who does not bring your up and share positivity into your life (even if it’s just you feeling “less-than” due to comparison syndrome)

Work: Avoid situations where there is a Mob Mentality- negativity breeds negativity. If coworkers are being negative try to either make it positive or leave the situation to not bring you down. Its crazy how much your environment impacts your mood.

Food: Get rid of the CRAP. Any of the processed junk you’ve been saving in your pantry “just in case” or “for the kids” Trash it and fuel yourself with WHOLE NATURAL foods that truly make you happy. (now you don’t have to get rid of everything that’s “bad” but I know you’re holding onto some things you don’t really need.

Mental Health: Declutter your mind. Spend 10 minutes everyday having a BRAIN DUMP where you write out everything that is on your mind. Physically writing is a beautiful release and can often bring clarity or spark new ideas for your life!

Hope these ideas help inspire you to declutter your life!!



p.s.- If you are looking for more support with decluttering your life you can reach out to Erika Taylor about the services she provides to "Taylor Your Closet" or reach out to ME if you are looking for some life & fitness coaching!

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