How to Alleviate Anxiety in Just 4 Steps:

**disclaimer-this is a method that has worked for ME and my anxiety.

How to Alleviate Anxiety in Just 4 Steps:

Anxiety sucks.

It is paralyzing.

It takes over your brain.

It puts limiting beliefs in your head.

It attacks at the worst possible times.

Sometimes we have a rough day or sting of days and can get caught in a very negative mindset. I know myself- if I stay here long it’s a downward spiral.

I want you to try these tips next time you're in a slump.


Step 1: Write down ALL you have accomplished so far in the past 6-12 months. Ex. For fitness goals it could be “hiring a coach,” “getting a gym membership,” “eating healthier even on the weekends,” “avoiding the daily snacks in the break room,” “got into a morning routine.” ANYTHING that you feel you have improved on (no matter how small you may think it is).

Step 2: Choose ONE problem you feel like is the weighing you down that you would like to tackle TODAY (you may have a lot more going on but just try to focus on ONE thing at a time). Ex. I am not prepared during the week with my meals and I feel lost.

Step 3: Write down an action step or two that you will take TODAY to help with the problem you mentioned. Again, only focusing on ONE problem not listing down everything (if you did eliminate the ones that are not actionable TODAY).

Step 4: Commit to this action step! And JUST DO IT! I have to physically write it down and text/email it to a friend (or typically my parents TBH) to hold me accountable with a specific date to complete this step by.


The combination of seeing all you are capable of, plus honing in on ONE problem to tackle and getting someone to hold you accountable, will instantly take some of the pressure off.

If you’re anything like me, you are harder on yourself than almost anyone else in the world.

Give yourself GRACE! You are capable of SO much in this life, but you are not expected to be perfect or get it all done overnight.

If you need some accountability talk to someone! Do not hesitate to reach out, you are not alone.

You are stronger than your anxiety.

You are allowed to take time to just BE.

You are human and it is okay to have these feelings.

FEEL THEM before you just stuff them away.


Next time you start to feel paralyzing fear or anxiety creep in, take a breath or two and then try these steps.

For me this helps on the days I am struggling. No, it will not eliminate my anxiety forever BUT it definitely helps!

Again, if you are truly struggling do not hesitate to TALK to SOMEONE. Counseling is cathartic AF, break the stigma and show yourself love.

For more information on Coaching with more to heal your mind, body & soul apply today and let's set up a time to talk.



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