Top 10 Grocery Haul Hacks

Top 10 Grocery Haul Hacks

I LOVE grocery shopping. Which is odd because every other shopping I typically do online. I am sure you have been to the grocery store before, but I wanted to give you my Top 10 Hacks to a successful trip to the grocery store.

Healthy shopping can be hard! You make a list of a million healthy fruit and vegetables, spend hundreds on food that honestly ends up going in the trash. Here is how to navigate the store and choose wisely when you are heading to the store for your weekly haul.

  1. Grab a SNACK - if you are HUNGRY when you head to the grocery store overzealous shopping and grabbing extra snacks is almost inevitable.

  2. Write a LIST - if you organize your list based on the store layout that helps to make you trip quick & easy!

  3. Have a PLAN - this goes beyond just a list (see above) in order to actually USE the food that you buy you want to actually PLAN out your meals. I recommend choosing 1 or 2 options for dinner that week and 1 or 2 lunch options. Typically, I will eat leftovers from dinner for lunch the next day but you can alternate if you prefer not to eat the same thing every day **tip choose different meals with similar ingredient example: chicken you can cook but use cold for salad, cut up and seasons for tacos, or chopped and added to a stir fry. Multiple flavors with the SAME basic ingredients = HUGE money saver

  4. Stick to the PERIMETER - what I mean is, try to focus on fresh whole foods that are not processed. Fruits, veggies, meat, dairy can all be found on the perimeter of the store. Avoid the aisles that is full of fancy advertising to entice us to buy things you probably do not need. If you do have to go into the middle aisles, only grab what is on your LIST.

  5. ASK yourself - “do I REALLY need this?” “What meal will I be using this for?” I have been guilty of grabbing something that just LOOKS GOOD but end up putting it back (because we honestly JUST ate ice cream hehe)

  6. Grab a BASKET - if you have less space to put items you will be less likely to buy unnecessary items. If i have to run in for q few things I will only grab a basket. And even when doing weekly shopping I try to grab a smaller cart if available.

  7. Build a BUDGET - based on our typical shopping habits we were able to build a monthly budget for groceries. I LOVE using the app minted for budgeting. You can safely link your cards and accounts, set budgets and even alerts. It is so helpful to have a budget ni order to stick with things you NEED versus always just grabbing extra crap.

  8. Look for DEALS - every store has its weekly deals. We go to ALDI for the best prices and then whatever was not available there we will find at another local grocery. Harris Teeter has inexpensive chicken when bought straight from the butcher. Often FROZEN fruits & veggies are cheaper than fresh (when on a budget or making smoothies we will ALWAYS have these on hand) **tip just check the ingredients, make sure nothing is added

  9. Make it a DATE - sounds corny but I LOVE shopping with my husband. It is one of my FAVORITE things. We hit up multiple stores to get the best deals and make a whole day of it, then we get home and prep the food. Not only does this make shopping FUN and less stressful, but it helps you to have an ACCOUNTABILITY BUDDY. When I go to grab something that's not on the list, he is there to keep me honest. OR he is there to convince me to buy chocolate chip cookie dough (because BALANCE ;) )

  10. Get home & GET ORGANIZED - once your shopping trip is complete organize your purchases. Cut up fruits & veggies so they are readily available. Keep vegetables fresh, by adding a paper towel into the box, take out of the wet baggie they came in, etc. Any leftovers finish those FIRST. Then you can start the week with your planned meals and LESS waste!

Hope these tips were helpful! Happy shopping!!



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