How to eat healthy on a budget

It is not possible to eat healthy on a budget!

I hear this from clients and followers almost daily. They feel like you have to be either broke & healthy or save money & eat fast food. You CAN be healthy AND not break the bank! I promise because I have been doing it through my entire college career and into adult life.

Here are my hacks and I have also attached my Budget Friendly Grocery List.

I get BORED of the SAME meal everyday but I don't have time to cook every night.

#1 Plan out your meals with SIMILAR foods. You can cook in BULK but then season your meat/veggies differently to make the meals taste completely different . Example: Cook up enough salmon for the week and then season during the week differently (Teriyaki, BBQ, Oil & Lemon Juice) and switch up your side (salad, asparagus, broccoli, sweet potato) You can switch up the combo every night but already have those prepped for the week!

I cannot hit my protein goal meat is too expensive

Well a lot of my friends are vegetarians and still hit their goal so it IS possible! As far as meat and pricing here are some hacks! Buy chicken OVER the COUNTER at Harris Teeter for $1.99/lb. If you would rather get organic the best place to go with Fresh Market for $2.99 Tuesdays on Organic Chicken & Beef. Also frozen shrimp is a great protein source to have on hand because you can keep it in the freezer and it won't go bad for a long time.

Here are my TOP 5 Favorite High Protein Vegetarian Foods that are hella inexpensive:

*Black Beans $89 cents/can 39 g Protein/cup

*Quinoa 8 g Protein/ cup

*Lentils (hot or cold) 18 g Protein/cup

*Eggs (scrambled, over easy , hard boiled) 6 g protein /egg

*Egg Whites (add to scrambled eggs, oatmeal, smoothie etc) 3.6 g protein/egg white

*Chick Peas (great as a snack or salad topper!) 39 g / cup

*Edamame (LOVE this as a snack or to eat with stir fry) 17 g /cup

*Ezekiel Bread (great for Avocado Toast!) 4g Protein/ slice

*Buckwheat (cook just the same as you would rice) 6g Protein/ 1 cup

*Peanut Butter (Tom, my husband eats 1 PB&J/day) 8g Protein / 2 Tbs. **lower fat option use PB2

I don't like eating the same thing everyday

You don't have to! (see above about cooking in BULK!) Also, you can FREEZE leftovers to have weeks later so you are able to switch up more often (great for soups, chilis, & casseroles!) I always make two casseroles and freeze one for the following MONTH! Another FUN option would be to have a meal prep swap meeting a.k.a get a couple of your friends/coworkers together and all meal prep different lunches! Put them in tupperware then bring them to work to SWAP for the week! If you do this with just 4 other people that gives you 5 DIFFERENT lunches per week!

I do not like to plan my meals that is too much work

Alright, you've got me DOES take time to plan out your meals for the week...but not as long as you may think! You can plan your MONTH of meals out for August and then create weekly shopping lists. Meal prep does not have to take a long time you can choose ONE day per week for 1-2 hours OR you can choose meals that are "one pan meals" "slow cooker meals" or my favorite the INSTAPOT (game changer thanks to my amazing wedding guests who bought me this!!)

Long story short it IS possibe to eat healthy on a budget it just takes some time to plan and make your budget AND your health a PRIORITY!

Budget Friendly Grocery List

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