Top 5 Bad Habits that are keeping you from losing Weight

If you follow around someone who is healthy vs. someone who is currently unhealthy you may notice some differences in their daily habits. Here are some of the top bad habits that you should drop.

1.) Quit Pressing Snooze

You may not be a morning person, and that’s okay. But establishing a morning routine is a HUGE factor for being successful with any of your life goals. Start your day off with success by avoiding snooze because if you constantly push back your wake-up time you will end up feeling rushed and overwhelmed prior to starting your workday.

Try moving your alarm to the other side of the room.

Try setting your alarm title to something that will inspire you”get up & be awesome” “You’ve got goals to hit” or a client favorite “get your lazy ass out of bed & make some change”

Morning time is sacred. There is a stillness about it that is so beautiful if you try to shift your perspective. Instead of waking up immediately feeling negative about the day ahead, find something positive to say and then write down 3 things you are grateful for. This shift will create time for YOU before you are pouring into other peoples needs.

2.) Stop Going in for seconds

Not every meal if thanksgiving day at your grandmas where she has home cooked all of your favorites. Enjoying food is one thing, but overindulging always ends in feeling terrible physically and even mentally. If you are trying to lose weight and you are being conscious of your food intake. Eliminate your second and third trips to the fridge. Plan you meals eat and & enjoy. It’s just that easy. Ask. Yourself - am I really still hungry?

I always cook in bulk so I have leftovers for the next day. I LOVE what I cook so it’s easy to want to go in for seconds. Instead, I fill my plate and then immediately put the rest in Tupperware for lunch the next day BEFORE I even sit down to eat. If I m still hungry after my meal (& a BIG glass of water) then I will find a healthy treat to eat before I go to sleep. (Lately my go-to has been Greek yogurt with fresh berries, coconut flakes & granola!)

3.) Quit Multitasking.

Meals are meant to be enjoyed and when you can, shared with people to connect and create community. You cannot do this if you’re not being present. Watching TV, working or any other form of multitasking during meals leads to overeating, eating too quickly (can mess with your digestion), & just missing the WHOLE POINT of meal time. Turn off the TV and enjoy time with friends and family. If you’re eating for one turn on some of your favorite music, eat slowly & reflect on the highlights of your day. I promise this change will lead to better eating habits and even weight loss.

4.) Stop drinking all of your calories.

Starbucks has ruined me, and my bank account. Just kidding, but seriously if I added up all the money I have spent on drinks at Starbucks I probably could pay off my student loans. On a serious note though, if you are going to Starbucks or restaurants and buying high calorie, high sugar, low nutrition DRINKS you are wasting precious calories that could be spent on foods that FUEL you. If you have the money yes go get your Starbucks but let’s switch that crazy fru-fru -frappe for something that is lower in sugar and calories and still tastes great. >> Here is a post with some of my healthy swaps.

5.) QUIT the Cardio overdose.

Cardio is great and definitely has its place, but incorporating weights into your routine will make a HUGE difference in your results! Cardio bunnies you have GOT to learn that you cannot just do cardio and expect to look like the fitness models in the magazines. #GETLIFTED Y’ALL! Seriously there have been a lot of studies on the benefits of strength training for weight-loss. As you add muscle to your body your metabolism increases and you list really burn more fat WHILE YOU SLEEP!! That;s right... your body starts to adapt to the positive stress you’re putting on your muscles when you lift weights. No you will not get bulky by accident. I PROMISE! Here is one of my favorite articles about lifting weights for beginners

Here are some more helpful sources

1.) Get more sleep (7-8 hours) - helps with stress hormones, weight loss, & much more

2.) Drink more water - helps with body regulation & digestion

3.) Eat your greens at every meal - nutrient dense foods are GREAT for you!

4.) Slow down when you eat - slowing down increases salivation which is crucial in digestion process

So when you are searching for WHAT to eat, unfortunately there isn’t a magic bean out there that is your weight loss solution. It is about consistently choosing a healthier lifestyle & whole foods that fuel your body instead of just filling it.

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