What not to Wear

I used to BINGE watch ‘what not to wear’ with Stacy London & Clinton Kelly whenever I stayed home sick as a kid. No, I was not super into fashion (you can tell that still based on the amount of spandex and leggings I wear)

So why did I watch this show for hours on end when I was at home? Well, it was before you could fast forward television and I stayed for the final reveal every single time.

These women were typically older, all shapes and sizes, many moms and they had all kind of fallen out of love with themselves. They got so caught up with their kids, family, or work that they had forgotten about themselves. For some reason as a teenager I already felt sympathy toward that (I’m an old soul)

I would wait on the edge of my seat (couch) to watch THEIR reaction. Not Stacy and Clinton, not the viewers but THEIR FACE once they saw themselves in the mirror. Yes, they changed physical appearances but you could see years of self-loathing starting to peel away. You started to see THEIR LIGHT again.

This is why I do what I do. I LOVE helping people see the light that is within. Yes it involves working on your physical body, but I also really care about your soul too! Who are you? If you were exactly where you want to be 12 weeks from now what would that look like?

The answer is not always just a number. I hear clients say “I want to be happy in my own skin” “I want to like what I see in the mirror”“I want to put myself first”

Unfortunately, the changes I help create are not within a 60 minute timespan television series. This change takes TIME. It requires finding yourself and your inner strengths AS you are developing your physical strengths. Hell yea I want to like what I see in the mirror. But that will NEVER happen no matter what size I am if I continue to chose HATE instead of LOVE when I think of myself.

I fought this battle growing up. When I was a kid I was overweight and I remember coming home crying to my mom. I remember looking in the mirror LITERALLY praying to God to change my belly that poked out, or my teeth that jutted out leading to kids calling me “Bucky the beaver”

Looking back I am so thankful for my family. My dad did not live with us but he ALWAYS instilled a confidence in me. He always reminded me to look a person in the eye and shake their hand strong & proud. My mom always loved me no matter what and would try to help me get more interested in physical activity which led to me starting track & field.

Not everyone has someone in their corner. Someone to support and love them while they are working on loving themselves.

They may even have the opposite-- have grown up with someone who talks down to them because they are different and point out their flaws instead of their strengths.

My mission is to be that person in your corner. I want to always have your back. I never want you to feel small or insignificant. I want you to see how beautiful you are and find strength when all you see are imperfections. I want to help you reach your goals whether its lose weight, get stronger, be healthier...but I want you to help you love yourself and who you are NOW in order to continue to grow and accept yourself as we create positive change!

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