Our Engagement - The Full Story

Alright I’ve put it off long enough! I am finally going to tell you all the FULL story of me & Tom’s engagement. Especially since it’s now been ONE YEAR since he asked me to marry him.

Last year for my 25th Birthday we decided to go on a road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway. We are HUGE fans of road trips and neither of us had ever been to California. One of the many things I love about Tommy is that when I have some crazy idea he is all for it. He knows I’m crazy and for the most part supports my spontaneity.

Neither of us are planners and both of us procrastinate so naturally the night before our flight we are both packing. The night ended with me asleep on the floor next to a backpack stuffed to the brim.

We both woke up delusional at 4am with merely 3 hours of sleep. I was rushing around trying to get my things together because our friends and one of my longest training client couples were picking us up to drop us off at the airport.

Rushing out of the door we headed on our way to Charlotte Douglas Airport. In line at security TSA is asking Tommy a lot of questions. He answers in a cheeky manner unaware of the change in demeanor when going through airport security these days (no eye contact, shoes off, stay in line, no smiling) They even took his bag for further screening (my bad I gave him my protein powder...oops).

Finally we make it to the gate in one piece. After quickly eating our hard boiled eggs and splitting ½ an avocado for breakfast in the airport (don’t judge me) we got ready to board the plane. I scanned my ticket and started walking down toward the plane only to turn around and see they had stopped Tom about his bag being too large.

He was unaware that this meant they would be taking his bag to place under the plane. I stood there and waited not-so-patiently trying to coax him to just give them his pack and let’s get moving.

The flight was uneventful and we landed in San Francisco eager to start our adventure. Little did we know it had already began in a crazy unimaginable way.

Arriving at the hostel I finally left Tom for the first time all day and when I returned he seemed frantic. “You have been acting weird all day Tom, what is wrong with you?!” I asked, annoyed.

His reply is something I will never forget.

“Jordan, I was going to proposed to you...but I cannot find the ring anywhere.”

My heart LEAPT out of my chest!

“Propose?!” Those are the only words I heard at first and I was so overwhelmed with happiness I failed to piece together the entire statement he had just made.

Finally it hit me…

And we immediately went into teamwork mode and he started searching his bag thoroughly while I called the airport. We then took a Lyft BACK to the airport to spend over an hour with security, looking through footage, and contacting both airport luggage crews.

Feeling slightly defeated and reality setting in all-too-quickly, we left the airport set out to turn the day around. When we got back Tom held my hand and said what he wanted to say during his proposal. And just like that, we were engaged.

No we did not tell anyone. We just let it all sink in. The truth- yes, this was a shitty situation, but I was with my person and that was all that mattered.

Knowing we could not afford to replace the ring at this point in our lives we continued to still enjoy every bit of our trip.

We explored San Francisco via bikes and boats and then continued on down the Pacific Coast Highway, no particular plan or itinerary, just letting things happen and plans form as we arrived to new unexplored cities.

A few days went by and we were in Monterey Bay Aquarium when we decided to check one last possibility of where the ring might be. The .001% chance that it was STILL in our apartment back home. We called our friend Alison and facetimed with her in the middle of the aquarium Tommy walking her through his steps from the morning, describing the ring box to her.

She looks underneath our ottoman and exclaims, “I found it!”

We are so excited we started shouting and cheering in the middle of the aquarium with over a dozen school kids running around on a field trip.

“It’s so beautiful” Alison cries.

“Really?!!” I sarcastically reply. I thought it was hilarious she had gotten to see it before me.

We were so happy that the rest of our trip we were on cloud nine. Throughout the trip i would joke with Tommy about where he was going to propose. Having him get on one knee multiple times throughout our trip at some of the most beautiful palaces. The most hilarious instance was at the kissing rock in Pacific Grove where a family came by and said “congratulations! Can we see the ring?!” Only to walk away confused when we explained there was no ring. Looking back on it we still laugh.

We waited until May 22 to share to everyone that we were engaged. And the week we spent together sharing our engagement with just us was probably one of the best weeks of my life. It’s easy to let material things get in the way of the true meaning of love.

At the end of our days, we will not look back at what car we drove, how much clothing we owned, or how big our home is. Instead we will look back on our experiences we had and who we shared them with.

Feeling blessed God has put Thomas Dane Robinson in my life and that I have spent another year on this earth.

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