Fueling Fixation

I am an addict. Personally my family comes from a family of addicts. Not what you may picture when you think of an addict, but there is an addictive nature within us. My dad stopped the cycle. He grew up around an alcoholism. Papa Gomez was an amazing hardworking man but he also drank a lot and died at a young age because of it. My dad always said to me when I was young “do not drink when you are angry or sad” and I have kept that as a rule for myself. I think that when you are dealing with anger or depression or even just upset about a current circumstance drinking only magnifies the problem.

On a smaller scale I feel the same way with coffee. Yes it wakes me up but honestly the true problem is for the past year I have not been giving myself enough sleep. Instead of the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep per night I am lucky if I get 5. Coffee is not the solution it merely a bandaid that eventually magnifies the problem, I need sleep. This April I have been slowly taking coffee out of my diet. I had been drinking 4-6 cups per day. I got down to 1-2 and now am down to drinking Mushroom Coffee from four sigmatics & Green Tea Moringa. Yes there is still some caffeine but not nearly what I was ingesting before. I no longer have an afternoon crash and the headaches were bad, but are now going away (thank God!)

This shift in my morning routine has truly helped my mindset. I was CRASHING after my morning bootcamps/ clients (I wake up at 4am and teach til at least 11am everyday) and am now able to FOCUS and pour into myself each day.

I have an addictive nature and it runs in my family. But instead of letting that dictate my actions around food, drinking & even coffee I am choosing to shift my addictions towards positive daily routines. I am trying to read and write everyday. I am focused on my fitness goals before I get married in about two months. And I am able to be there for myself, my family & my clients.

What are you addicted to? What takes precedence over your life? Is it your career? Is it your fitness routine? Is it food? It’s not bad to be passionate about something, I actually choose passion over apathy any day. But do not let that passion breed addiction and create a wedge between your relationships.

Love yourself, shift your mindset. And fuel your passion. Take time to reflect today on what may have a hold on your life. What are you constantly fixated on?

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