Shift your Routine

Establishing a Morning Routine can be tough when you are juggling multiple jobs, other peoples schedules or constantly trying to please others. I wake up and I am immediately focused on giving my ALL to my clients. I sometimes cannot sleep because I am so fixated on helping them reach their goals. This month I have been making more of an effort for “me time” whether that be through establishing my morning routine, pouring into myself through acts of self-love, or just telling people NO more (which is SUPER hard for me!!)

My mornings are not my own. I wake up at 4:05am every morning and head out to IMPACT LIVES. This is my life mission & in no way to I regret or hate what I do, quite the opposite. I LOVE MY JOB. But I realized I have been pouring into others before pouring into myself. This left me feeling, empty, depressed, unfulfilled, tired & broken. Whoa...that was hard for me to write, but I want to continue to always be real with you guys.

It can be overwhelming to think...I need to shift every aspect of my life because I want to change. But guess what...change does not have to be this monumental SHIFT where every aspect of your life is now different and perfect. Instead it is about taking SMALL steps. This month I am focusing on sleep & changing my morning routine. Instead of having 6 cups of coffee per day I am slowly weaning myself off. I am giving myself a more strict bedtime (but honestly am still struggling to get good sleep) But that does not mean I am FAILING. I am giving myself grace, I am seeing the positive changes and continuing to make more and more of those changes.

If you see your fitness goal as a GIANT mountain that you have to climb then you will NEVER start. If you instead break it down into smart, reasonable steps you will be more likely to hit those milestones and feel motivated to keep climbing.

I am still climbing my mountain. The morning routine I am establishing has created a HUGE shift in my mindset everyday. I have had a lot more positive outlook, I am more consistent with my workouts & I am determined to reach my goals. Have I still struggled? HECK YES!! I still deal with self-doubt, I still struggle to get enough sleep & sometimes I even get paralyzed from the amount of things on my plate that I stay in bed all day and do NOTHING.

BUT I am so much stronger than when I first started. Every challenge God has given me has only made me that much stronger. I have been through a lot in the past 3 years, felt more pain than I ever thought I could deal with and YET have been happier than ever. I have felt stronger in my relationships than ever & have felt stronger in my mindset.

Shifting my mindset to focus on ME has made me such a better Coach/Fiance/Sister/Daughter/Friend. I am able to pour into the people I love and care about so much more because I feel fulfilled. God is teaching me this everyday and I am so thankful for the shift.

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