Soulful Sundays

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” -Mary Oliver

Today I am choosing self-love. I know how much I want to pour into my family when I see them for Thanksgiving, and I know that means I need to first pour into myself. Talking to God today really brings me back to the reality that I am HIS. I am human, which means I am not perfect. I have high expectations for myself. And if you do too, which you should, there's no need to lower them to keep from being "disappointed" instead of lowering expectations for yourself, you increasing the amount of grace you give yourself. Understand that even though you're not perfect, you're making a little progress in some aspect of your life everyday. I've heard this before and it made me think that progress meant always moving, being busy. I listened to a podcast recently [Bucci Radio Interviewing Jenna Kutcher] and Jenna says it seems some people "wear busy like a badge of honor" because we "equate busy with success" The thing that I am coming to realize is that when I'm always busy, always 'on' it doesn't mean I'm killing it, but rather it's killing ME. Today I am starting my day off with Jesus and Coffee. I have lost this routine in my life because I feel guilty for not immediately getting up and going to the gym. But I truly need to get my mind body and soul fueled from the inside before I can even really step outside. In the past, I've felt like a fraud in my industry. Because I don't put fitness first ALWAYS. But now I see that I'm not the fraud, it's the industry that promotes fakeness. It's trying to always tell us we are not good enough. This scheme makes it almost impossible to be happy and satisfied with our bodies. But guess what...if you stop listening to the bullshit out there and listen to yourself and to God's plan you'll see, the nonshit he's got planned for you is SO MUCH BIGGER than you can even begin to imagine. This plan requires your mind body and SOUL to be open and lifted through consistently pouring into yourself. Finding time to write, think, listen, pray, sing out anything that you are feeling so that it can no longer hold you down, and so that you can be lifted up. And then in HIM you can go and lift up others. Let's talk about this idea of "pouring into yourself". It's really about learning to let yourself "be poured into" that is the key. Having the right focus and creating the right posture, through prayer, entering sabbath/rest, exercise, and other contemplative practices everyday, is what's needed most. Does that make sense? If you want support with loving yourself and opening yourself up for more this holiday season email to learn more about my Four Week Fitmas Challenge #JGoFitmas starting Monday November 27th. The four week challenge: *Basic Bodyweight Training Program to do ANYTIME ANYWHERE! *Facebook Challenge Group for support & motivation! *Daily Motivation & Accountability from me, your coach! *Daily Tips & Tricks to stay lifted this holiday season! $50 for 4 weeks OR $40 if you email me then share/post/tag friends onto social media about this challenge #JGoFitmas

Inspired BY:

Luke 10:27 "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'"

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