Now that Kendrick made it cool, we all want to be humble, right? But what does it truly mean to be a humble leader? How can I live everyday striving for greatness without becoming self-absorbed and petty? All I know is that I cannot do it alone.

I was challenged to read Brad Lomenick's H3 Leadership and wow, it has definitely been a challenge. The content itself engulfs every ounce of my being, but also leaves me feeling raw and vulnerable. I am continuing to explore this vulnerability. I want to get raw and naked with myself. And "self-discovery begins when your comfort zone ends" and I want to dig deeper. During all of this self-analyzing I am quickly realizing people who I currently have in my life who live out these leadership qualities everyday. I am sitting here in awe of one person in particular- Thomas Dane Robinson, aka my fiancé. Not only is he the most supportive, loving and thoughtful individual, but he leads with humility. I strive to be like this man of mine. The book talks about how "humble leaders make it about others & always stay approachable." This is Tommy with a capital T. He is constantly putting me first even when I do things that frustrate him. I am very messy... imagine the Tasmanian Devil spinning through your room, and that is what my apartment looks like on an all-too-regular basis. This may seem small but it is something I struggle with DAILY. And Tom obviously pushes me to be more organized because we both know organizational skills will seep into all other aspects of my business. He tries to see things from my perspective and is patient even when I continue to tornado thru life. He puts me first because he sees me working 12-14 hour days every day to make my dream a reality. Working in a hospital with a female-dominant work force, he is probably not the most outspoken at work. His ability to stay calm under pressure and act when needed has led to him receive multiple accolades. It also makes him an ideal sound board to most of the nurses when discussing their problems or qualms. He is an amazing listener and I love that he is not quick to try and fix me. Instead, he allows me to express how I am feeling so that we can come to a solution together.

Humility does not mean lacking a back-bone or refusing to speak up. Instead, it is a "quiet and appropriate confidence." This confidence is within Tom and is way more attractive than the cocky mo-fos I used to think I wanted to date. His humble confidence speaks volumes over arrogance. I am learning more from him every single day. We have been together almost NINE years and I still am amazed by his patience and persistence. Not one day has he stopped believing in me. Everybody tries to act humble because Kendrick made it cool; but I'm trying to be more humble because I see humility everyday within my future husband.

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