|| Grace . Like . Rain ||

|| Grace . Like . Rain ||

I'm not going to act like I've got it altogether. Self-love is something I still struggle with daily. That does not mean I am not capable of loving myself. I truly am passionate about helping others get lifted and find strength and beauty in themselves. By working to help others daily I am having to self-reflect and keep my own negative thoughts in check. Sometimes I am self-motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. Other days I am only continuing on this path of holistic healthy habits because I have been preaching it to so many others. I want to live what I preach and I preach what I live. But I refuse to talk to you all as if I got my ish together. Because I'm in my twenties and if you talk to a twenty-something and he or she has you thinking they have it all figured out I would call bull.

>>> SO now that you know I am not perfect, I appreciate you continuing to listen to me as I go deep into everything that builds us up-- mind, body & soul. We hear these three words next to each other often, but I want you to seek a deeper meaning behind each one of these within yourself.

<<< I want to start by telling you that we need to allow ourselves grace when it comes to our personal fitness journeys. We are accepting of others imperfections, but for some reason we cannot accept our own. That seems unfair to our own self discovery.

>>> If we constantly put ourselves down we are stunting our own spiritual growth and holding ourselves back from true greatness that is within us. As I write this remember, I am often speaking to myself. These words are worth hearing more than once. Give yourself GRACE.


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