Love Beyond.

Believe in something beyond yourself.

This past year, I have focused a lot on self love. Getting walked on by others made me doubt my own worth, so I decided the one person I did have control over was myself. So that is where I invested my time and energy.

I needed that time in my life to look within and love who I am. Now that I have taken the time, I am looking out into the world again realizing that unconditional love should not stop with myself. If self-love does not grow and extend to loving others around me, then it's easy to get into this egocentric mindset where “I don’t give a f*** about anybody” “just looking out for number one”. We easily forget that we are all connected. We have been so hurt by others that we forget the importance of showing OTHERS love and grace.

Martin Luther King said that “an individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

Now that I truly find my worth in God and not the world, I can really give everything I am to help lift others up. I am passionate about helping others realize they are capable of so much more than they think. The world is constantly telling us we are not good enough. We need to tell each other- we are not of this world.

There is so much more growth within you that goes beyond self-love, but the world wants us to stay focused on ourselves and all that we are lacking. I challenge you to put your phone down and try to connect with someone you haven’t met. I challenge you to ask someone about there day and truly focus on their emotional response. I challenge you to empathize with someone who has an opinion different from your own. I challenge you to step outside your comfort zone.

Connect and build each other up. Empower others. You can do this through showing yourself love so others feel open to doing the same for themselves. This is a great way to connect to people and make your actions of self-love go beyond just your own wants or needs. Help others feel worthy of love.

I love myself. I have written about it, I have preached about the importance of it. But I think we need to remember that self-love is not the ultimate goal. Instead, it is a stepping stone to rise up to true enlightenment and build others up. Together we are stronger. Together we can create a revolution. Together we will fight for the concerns of all humanity.

I still struggle with holding onto my self worth. But that is because the world is constantly telling me to look for my value in physical things instead of in God.

I am so thankful to be filled with love for myself and remember that with God I am enough- instead of always feeling less than.

Now that I love myself, I will work to connect to people and share love because that is the bigger picture. We need to work together and stop pretending like our worlds are not all connected. Often we are blind to this truth because we are so self-centered. Take time to step outside of your own self and make the conscious effort to connect to people who are different than you. Once you do this, you will begin to see.

This year I will start living by “rising above my individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity”.

Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.

Fueled by coffee and kilos

Edited by my mama :)

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