Gym newbie

Day 1: you walk into the gym and you feel like you have no idea what you're doing. ...oh wait there's a treadmill, let's hop on.


As you run you scan the scene. Machines...check. Models...check. Meatheads...check. Welp, the gangs all here. You choose your spot at the gym like you're choosing your seat at the lunch table back in high school. You're a newbie so you don't wanna go to the heavy weights with the "cool kids" but you don't wanna be stuck doing your workout next to the dude that brought his personal nun chucks to the gym (true story) so you meet in the middle with the row of machines because they are free and seemingly less intimidating.


Continuing this routine every time you come makes you temporarily feel good, but after a while you feel like you're not progressing like you had planned on January 1st.


You've hit a plateau. What now?!


In my experiences, this story is all too common where you're new to a gym and you try to find your tribe and end up alone with rows of machines to work with.


What if I told you you're wasting your time? Movement is good and kudos for making the effort to change but sometimes we need a friend to lean on.


Consider me your friend. Eff the "lunch table" gym cliques- we are gonna start our own tribe. Hell, we might even break away from the gym completely! **gasp**


If you are interested in truly finding your fit then you need to find me, J.Go.


There is so much more to fitness that the gym alone cannot offer.


Click here and receive a J.Go fit routine that you don't even need a gym for!

You may not vibe with my tribe, and that's okay. Thanks for stopping by.

Inspired by YOU!

Fueled by my passion to make an impact!

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