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Being self-employed where you are the only employee on the “payroll” has its pros and cons. I can make my own schedule, I can work wherever I want, I can even take vacations at the drop of a hat (but let’s be’s the first year with my LLC and I haven’t taken a vacation or even napped since I started hustling to grow my business) This hustle mentality can sometimes lead to sleep deprivation which can lead to negative thinking and self-doubt. I yearn to surround myself with other like-minded entrepreneurs to lift me up.

And just like that, God heard my prayers. I was introduced to a team of like-minded individuals who were each growing their own business. Camp Gladiator (CG), the nation’s fastest growing fitness movement, has brought together personal trainers and helped them achieve more than they ever thought was possible. We broke out of the box.

Attending the career info session was kind of a last minute decision. I had received an email from a current trainer in Texas but I honestly didn’t think much of it. I’ve had countless companies approach me with their products, but none had resonated. When speaking with the trainers at Camp Gladiator, their energy and drive were palpable. They all have passion and believe in what they do. This is my tribe. I could feel it, but I still wanted to learn about these outdoor bootcamps.

Would I be joining another corporation that stifled my creative abilities? Would I be giving up all that I have worked for with J.Go Fit? Would I lose myself?

Weeks later, after talking to a lot of current CG trainers I knew that not only would I be praised for my creative abilities, but also supported by my peers. They’re supportive of me continuing to grow J.Go Fit and help people with my holistic approach to health & wellness. I wouldn’t be giving up my dream - I’d be part of a team.


I started this post in October and since then have continued to listen to God’s voice as he guides me on this path. This December, I took a chance and decided to hop on a plane and go to Texas for two weeks to experience Camp Gladiator...aka sleep in random homes with a bunch of random trainers. I got on the plane feeling overwhelmed with doubt and even fear that this was just too good to be true. And today, two weeks later- I sit on this plane on fire to live out my purpose.

The first aspect of this trip was to complete CG Academy - a three day course that consisted of 4am bootcamps, followed by training and development to help you be the most successful trainer and business owner, followed by an evening boot camp. Academy was A LOT of information and an amazing time to bond with other new trainers who were just as crazy as I was and willing to take this leap of faith. I fell more in love with the Camp Gladiator style workouts. Though they were challenging, they were so team-oriented that I couldn’t help but enjoy myself every 60 minutes spent on the field...yes even at FOUR in the morning!

After academy came to a close, I had the opportunity to stay in Texas and continue to develop as a leader for Charlotte CG Trainers by crashing on couches at the houses of some of the most incredible leaders I have ever met. These leaders made us feel welcome in their homes and poured into us everyday. The seven other Charlotte trainers who were also chosen to embark on this leadership opportunity would be my roommates for the next 10 days. We had to get real close, real quick. Not only were we sweating together everyday at our leaders’ camps, but we were getting to know each other and seeing what strengths we all brought to the table. We broke below the surface. During this entire process, I’d meditate and pray for God to guide my heart. He allowed me to let down my walls of doubt and insecurity to truly open up to these other Alpha trainers. We all have a story, and God is slowly revealing each and every one of them to me. We are growing and learning about how to lead from the front, in order to truly thrive back in Charlotte. We are finding our individual strengths and weaknesses and learning how we can all work as a team and be stronger than ever.

When I first decided to start J.Go Fit, it was because I felt like the company I had been working for did not support my desire to thrive. I took a leap of faith, and because of the loyalty of my family and friends I was able to rise above the adversity and learn a lot about myself. I learned that no matter how many times someone tries to belittle me and make me feel incapable of being great, I will always look to God and not to man, so that I can truly thrive.

Now I feel like I am home. It may sound corny, but I truly believe that if I want to live out my mission to positively impact as many people around me as I can I need to find a tribe of leaders that will challenge and support me. My clients continue to fuel me to follow my heart and those who truly see me will follow. Now, my CG teammates fuel me to follow my dreams and we will not be satisfied with simply surviving while on this Earth. Together we will thrive.


Inspired by the CG Mission

Fueled by coffee & a dream

If you are seeking a community of individuals that will truly be there for you and help you grow PLEASE reach out to me. I am starting 2017 with a bang by holding several CG bootcamps throughout Charlotte. I would love for you to come and experience what I am talking about. >>click here<<

“’s being fully ALIVE and finding JOY in the life you were born to live. It’s dedicating your years to a CAUSE bigger than yourself and LOCKING arms with a COMMUNITY of like-minded BELIEVERS. It’s making the MOST of your minutes, whether few or many with the FIRM conviction that you were not placed on this planet to merely SURVIVE, you were meant to THRIVE.”

Camp Gladiator’s mission:

We BELIEVE that people everywhere should EXPERIENCE a life-changing fitness COMMUNITY, with amazing trainers, at convenient locations, for an affordable price. Our vision is to be EVERYWHERE there are people.

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