My Attitude is Gratitude.

I know the holidays can be a hard time, and sometimes we get caught up in the craziness. I wanted to take time today to center myself on gratitude. No matter what external or even internal hardships we may find ourselves in, we can still fill ourselves up with all that we have to be grateful for in our lives. There are hardships that my family is currently dealing with: death, grief, anger, depression. All have come into my life this year, and at times, my whole life has felt absolutely overwhelming and even unbearable.

At the same time, however, I am grateful for the growth I am discovering in myself. I am thankful for the strength God has given me to continue to be there for my family even when I feel so out of control. I want to help, and I need to realize that just being there may be all somebody needs.

I promised myself that when I started my own business as a health coach I would always be genuine in helping others with their journey. I would not put up any walls. I would not stay closed off. This openness creates a lot of vulnerability in me at times. I take on the problems that others are struggling with on a very personal level. I sympathize and empathize through every step. And sometimes it feels like a lot. But then I remember that I am not alone. God has filled me with the Spirit to connect with people and meet them where they are at.

I am learning the importance of being in the present moment. The past can be remembered, but it is not where your story ends. The future is vibrant with possibility but do not let it blind you. Find stillness in the present moment. Then allow yourself to dream of limitless possibilities to allow wonderful things to come to fruition.

Dreaming does not always mean planning every minute of your life out. It does not necessarily mean creating your “five year plan”. The process of living your dream life is simpler than we make it up to be. Live each day with a child- like excitement of what is possible.

I find gratitude in the hard lessons I am learning and will continue to learn. I find stillness, even in the uncertainty of my future. I find thankfulness in a heart that yearns for something beyond what this world has to offer.

I am grateful for my mind; the never-ending curiosity as I continue to discover the world. I am grateful for my body and all that it is capable of; and I remind myself that fitness is not a punishment, it is a celebration of what my body can do. I am grateful for my soul, and as I continue to look within I am able to share more of myself with others in all facets of my life.


I want to continue to promote safe spaces through my brand, not a highlight reel. I don't expect you to act like everything's okay all the time, because it’s not. Breathe in gratitude. Breathe out fear.


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