Lean In.

"In order to expand your comfort zone you have to lean into your discomfort." My Dad told me that freshman year of college, and it is tattooed to my heart- feeling uncomfortable can be a good thing.

Starting simply, imagine yourself doing a plank. When you hold it long enough, your muscles will start to shake. Your brain will tell you that you are tired. If you lean into your discomfort and continue to hold that plank with good form until you are mentally AND physically exhausted then you are making yourself stronger. You are expanding your current self by pushing beyond, and leaning into that discomfort.

Now, let's get a little deeper. I talk a lot about how we are all connected, and how we should create relationships & spread love. Imagine a scenario where you find yourself uncomfortable. It may be as cliche as wearing nothing but underwear in front of strangers, or it may be at a gym (i.e. gymtimidation). Picture yourself here, and then imagine yourself leaning into that discomfort. You might lean by visualizing your strengths to boost your confidence when around large groups of people. Your lean may be physical, like lifting in the "meat head" section of the gym because you're not gonna let gymtimidation keep you from reaching your goals. I try to be surround by individuals who look, think & act differently than myself, so that I can broaden my way of thinking and expand my comfort zone.

Mentally and physically, we create barriers as a way to feel "safe" and "comfortable".

What if you slowly broke down those barriers?

Can you imagine all that you could accomplish?

Can you imagine all the diverse and beautiful relationships you could build with people you never even imagined connecting with?

Our world is in need of love and unity and I think it starts by looking within, and leaning in.

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