The Reason.

All I ever wanted to do is help people. I wanted to have the freedom and ability to reach out to as many people as I can and coach them about ways that they can reach their full potential.


My 360 approach is so much more than fitness. This holistic approach is about living the lives that we were created to live, including myself. This is about looking within and making the conscious decision to love yourself unconditionally. Finding that self-love is way bigger than anything a gym alone can give you. No amount of sweat on an elliptical can free you from your own smothering negative thoughts.


Thoughts can imprison you. If you are constantly focused on everything that you don’t have and all that you can't do, then you will be right, and nothing will ever change.


Thoughts can empower you. Imagine waking up every morning telling yourself “I am enough…I have what it takes to be great. I am going to make this day count and follow my passions.” You have the power to change your own mindset. Your body is directly influenced by these thoughts. You can free yourself from tormentors and naysayers when you rise above them.


I never truly understood what that term meant- “rise above,” until I felt so bogged down by people telling me I could not live out my dreams. People telling me that everything I have worked so hard to achieve is not possible. The tormentors are the ones who are scared. They are afraid that your success equals their failure.


This is a lie. We cannot let ourselves be filled with lies.


So instead, I will fill myself with truth. I will choose to put my trust in God and not allow fear to keep me from continuing my mission to help others and create unity.

>>"The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace." Exodus 14:14<<



#fit #wisdom #clarity #truth #realtalk

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