Road Trip Fit Tips

#1 Brace your core- when you're driving or even in the passenger seat. Keep your core contracted (pull your belly button toward your spine) as if you are “bracing” for a punch to the stomach. This “bracing” method will work your core, protect your lower back, and hopefully make the long drive more enjoyable.

#2 STRETCH! I brought both of us a yoga mat and we did yoga along the way, check it out! Also, stretching at rest stops will make a HUGE difference! My back hates car trips, so stretching is crucial.

#3 Working out is great but don't let it get in the way of your trip. Some days you may have time for a run in the morning or a bodyweight circuit, but if you only have time for sight seeing, then that is the reason for your trip, so keep your focus on that! Don't stress if you skip a day, just don't let it domino into a day full of unhealthy choices.

#4 Eat to live. Unhealthy eating is common when "on vacation" and sometimes it's worth it. I like to think to myself, "is this a food I can't find at home?" If my answer is yes, then I go for it! If it's fast food or something basic, I would rather not. In the long run I'll feel better because I stuck with what makes my body feel good and gives me energy to take on my road trip adventures!

#5 Drinks lots of water. I cannot stress this enough because I became dehydrated myself during this trip. I know we may not want to make a lot of pit stops on the road, but proper hydration is worth it. According to NASM the daily recommended fluid intake for men is 125-130 oz. (approx. 16 cups) and 91-95 oz. (approx. 12 cups) for women. Your body needs water to function properly. Especially if you're going to be hiking and camping. Do yourself a favor and buy the Hydro Flask water bottle that will keep water cold for the entire day. It's way more refreshing than the warm water I was drinking during our desert hikes.

Comment below if you have any of your own Road Trip Fit Tips that you would like to share!



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