The Bigger Picture

14 total hours on the road and we made it to Colorado! I didn't have cell service, which was a blessing in disguise because Tom and I got to fully focus on the here and now. I know I have mentioned I love to hike and be outside, but just the two of us camping was new for me. We got in to the National Park and luckily there was a camp site available. We backed up our ol' Ford Ranger into the site and were in awe of our view. 360 degrees of a beautiful mountain skyline.

Next, we knew we had to "set up camp" as the Boy Scouts say. However, neither of us have EVER set up a tent without the assistance of a responsible adult, so we are sitting there with a pile of metal rods and a disfigured tarp just hoping we can piece it together. Two heads are better then one...right? Well, kind of, but after a solid 15 minute struggle, we were understandably frustrated. But do you wanna know what's better than two heads? Directions, aka the papers that I never actually read when I buy something new. I am always so anti-reading the manual but tonight, I made an exception. We had the tent up 5 minutes later.

We did it. I think putting a tent up together should be a universal sign of making it in the relationship world.Seven years later and we've made it.

The sun had set before we knew it, and we slept like babies.

The next morning we got to watch the sunrise over the snow-covered mountain range and I zone out on this for what seemed like forever until we got up to go hike.

The 6 mile hike was on a trail called Deer Mountain (~10,000 ft) and it was some serious cardio... that "I can't breath" type of cardio, a feeling I hadn't experienced in a long time - like, since dorm days when we had to walk up and down 7 flights regularly. Three steep miles later, we made it to the top and were left in awe of our view.

While we were hiking, I had a lot of time to think. I found myself staring down at my feet, moving to stay balanced as I dodged roots, rocks, and horse poop. If I looked up, I might fall or worse, get poop on my new Chaco's. I'd stop where the trees would clear and I'd see the beauty surrounding me.

This lead to me thinking about how this present moment can relate back to our lives. A lot of times, we're told to "focus on the bigger picture" when discussing life. I agree and disagree with that statement. I don't think we can ever fully understand the bigger picture. God does not always reveal his plan right away if even at all. So sometimes all we can do is focus on what's right in front of us, on the tiny steps our feet take trying to avoid the roots and rocks. Other times, we get to see the enormity of the mountains with all the peaks and valleys. We see the bigger picture and what each individual step led us to. We reach a peak in our life and get to feel like we are a part of something bigger. I am the small steps and I am the mountain because God is with me with each tiny step and he sees

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