24 Things You Might Not Know about me

Okay so since I just had a birthday I have been reflecting a lot on the past twenty-four years. I got a coloring book from one of my clients so I decided to color and then write twenty four facts you all may or may not know about me!

If you've known me for a while I'm interested to know if you can either relate or if you had no idea about some of these... like the fact that I have a ridiculous fear of clowns.

The list was more for me to just think about all the honey-comb like compartments of my life (well they are less like compartments and more like jumbled up spaghetti but that's just me)

Okay here it is (unless you wanna read the color pencil version in my awesome adult coloring book):

1. I enjoy camping and hiking. So much that Tommy and I are driving across the country this June to camp at national parks and other random places (yes I need ideas because it's still not fully planned)

2. I am obsessed with giraffes...maybe because I'm 5'10" ?

3. Squats are my favorite.

4. I'm training for the Spartan Trifecta this year with a good friend and client. (Asheville here we come!)

5. I have a huge fear of clowns (one ran after me with a chainsaw...it was a haunted house, but still)

6. My mom is an amazing jewelry artist who dresses like a hippie and inspires me to embark on my own path to success. >> Check her out! <<

7. My dad is the most quotable person I know. Like I quote him regularly and I really value what he says

8. In college, I had a slipped disc and was told I couldn't run and could only do the elliptical to workout. Physical therapy combined with weight training helped heal me and yes, I now can run without pain.

9. My room is never truly clean. If I say I'm going to clean my apartment there's a big chance it won't actually happen

10. I love wine! Classy or cheap I don't know the difference I just love it:)

11. Ben and Jerrys half baked is my no-way should I feel guilty pleasure

12. I take time to pray & meditate every morning after I've finished training early clients

13. I have TSPN (aka Tommy Sports programming Network) where Tom will text me in the a.m. with any pertinent sports facts I should know since I work in a male dominated field...yes I'm a female who knows little about current sports. But he's helping me!

14. I love writing poetry that no one reads but me

15. My Uncle Scooter has an amazing story that continues to inspire me every day. Click here>> Check out his ESPN E60 <<

16. I worked for Special Olympics Australia the summer after I graduated from UNC. I took a walkabout the coast and chilled on the beach in my sunnys and drank flat whites every morning for brekki >> Obligatory Koala Pic <<

17. I suck at cartwheels .

18. I have been known to OD on coffee and pre workout

19. My mom and I have matching tattoos

20. I am a proud god-mama to a boxer pit

rescue named Ruca

21. I write quotes and verses in dry erase on my bathroom mirror to wake up and memorize them every morning.

22. I used to be on a step team called Make A Joyful Noise

23. I watch Ted Talks in my free time (here is my most recent I've watched)

24. I'm still madly in love with my highschool sweetheart

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