There is nothing you can do...

The morning of my big meet I remember trying to find my focus. I did this by turning things upside down. I went into my yoga room, turned off all the lights and after warming up I went into a headstand. I held it as long as I could... letting the blood rush to my head.

I didn't want to let go or come down. I wanted to remind myself that I used to not be able to do a headstand and now after time and practice I can.

Taking the time to set my intentions for the day of the powerlifting meet was probably the most important preparation for the day. Although, buying the crustless PB&Js was also amazing food prep on my part.

That day I lifted more weight than I ever have in my entire life. It was so empowering and I now understand why people immediately get obsessed.

Just like the headstand I now use this new physical accomplishment to remind myself to center my focus when I am blinded by self-doubt or feelings of inferiority.

There is nothing you CAN do if you tell yourself it is NOT possible. Do not be afraid to turn your world upside down, chances are you will gain new perspective, new strength and maybe even a new yoga move ;)

#motivation #heal #lift #health #fit

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