Rise Above.

Mean girls exist but when we lift, we rise above the glares and get closer to our full potential. Ladies, I'm talking to you specifically because I've seen how often we pick apart ourselves and each other.

One of my clients has created new goals for herself and this brainstorming process is important. Taking the time to sit quietly and reflect on what you are passionate about, what you want,

and how you are going to get there. I reflect a lot of times in prayer, but wherever you're at spiritually make sure you take the time to just be still.

Be still and listen. Once you listen, continue to live each day lifting up the people around you. I love to lift weights but I TRULY love to connect and lift up the amazing people I spend time with everyday.

Often times, we spend our time at the gym focusing on those surrounding us and what we wish we could look like. I see things like this every day from the women coming in and out of the gym. Our confidence should be beaming, and yet we struggle with accepting a compliment. Instead of focusing simply on the exterior, we should focus on all that are bodies are capable of doing!

Our focus determines our mindset as we reach for our goals. If we focus on just the physical and what is lacking, then our mindset will be lacking and fall short of our goals. If we focus on all we can accomplish with our bodies, then our mindset will stay consistent and we can focus on tangible goals along the way to becoming the best versions of ourselves!

Take time today to write down your goals... whether its "complete 10 real push ups" "hold a 2 minute plank" "complete an unassisted pull up" or "master a headstand" these goals are personal to you and you are worth the hard work! Once you map out these smart, tangible goals, you will get an idea of

Surround yourself with individuals who build you up, not break you down.

Don't be a mean girl.

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