I love me.

Unsure of what I wanted, I had to come to think about a few things. I need to love me.

How do I show myself love?

I want to refocus on improving my health in all aspects.

I will love myself spiritually through advancing my yoga practice as well as become more centered through daily prayer and meditation.

I will love myself mentally through writing everyday Whether it's a blog, a blurb or just a thought that comes up. I will write it down and I will listen. Because sometimes it's ourselves we forget to listen to.

I will love myself physically through challenging my strength. Lifting is both a mental and a physical challenge. Sometimes I am so focused on the number on the scale I forget to be proud of the numbers I put up in the weight room.

I will love myself emotionally by helping myself and not losing myself when I help others. Don't get me wrong, I truly believe the reason I am on this earth is to positively impact the people I create relationships with. But I also believe that in order to become the best tool for God to use in this world I must remember to help myself.

Inspired by Kendrick Lamar "I love Myself"

Inspired by USAPL Battle on the Border 2016 meet.

Inspired by my desire to connect with others, and break down barriers we tend to create.


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