Training from the inside out

I have a strong desire to transform the way people view health. Current health care is primarily a disease management system; however, a lot of our top health conditions could be managed and even prevented with proper health coaching. I want to be a part of the change!

As a tarheel at UNC- Chapel Hill, I learned a lot about the benefits of exercise and diet for general as well as specific populations. The courses I took, along with my internship through UNC Campus Recreation, propelled my passion for helping people take control of their overall wellness.

As a personal trainer, I primarily focus on exercise and nutrition. I’ve noticed that many of my clients go through similar phases throughout their program with me. Once they start to look and feel better, they are often motivated to keep up with the healthy habits that I have helped them incorporate. In general, many people trying to make positive life changes revert back to their maladaptive responses as soon as the frequent accountability is no longer a part of their training regimen. Whether its over-eating, over-thinking, or under-exercising – I’ve seen many clients lose traction as soon as the accountability is no longer a part of their program. I am creating a community so people with similar goals can connect, near or far, and continue to develop themselves into the amazing people they are born to be!

Results speak volume in the health and fitness industry and obviously I want all of my clients to see results; but the results should be understood as a byproduct of positive patterns rather than just as a byproduct of listening to me. This subtle shift of perspective could be the difference between a program that sticks, and a program that doesn’t. I have been noticing this tendency toward regression for years now, and I feel that the missing piece is one of perspective – the missing piece is integrative health. J Go fit is designed to connect all the pieces that create the very best you!

I train people to eventually be able to stick to a program on their own, and feel strong and confident. I offer general recommendations and accountability, but I want to learn how to create a plan and promote behaviors that will last! Here is where I think a more integrative approach would be much more effective. The support and advice I have been providing physically and nutritionally is a large part of the integrative approach; but, when it comes to instilling life-long positive patterns, emotional and behavioral patterns also need to be major focuses.

I believe this program is the key that will open the door to a whole new side of how I currently handle client health goals. With a more integrative approach, I believe that I would be able to help clients integrate healthy patterns that last longer than their accountability to me. As a coach, having a better understanding of the science behind behavioral responses and habit formation could vastly increase the number of lives I could help transform, and would allow for this transformation to be life-long!

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