#TrainingNAKED 6 Week Program Focuses on functional training, which is the BEST way to get in an effective workout in less time!

 *early bird access + pdf and video starting Jan 2020.

6 weeks worth of workouts that can be done in the gym or at home so you can build lean muscle and feel good in your body! At home workouts only require dumbbells, and bands but I also give bodyweight only options if you are in a bind, but still want to workout! I recommend having at least two pairs of dumbbells (one light, one moderate)  #TrainingNaked is my unique, flexible approach to workouts that will keep you consistent with your fitness routine instead of quitting 2 weeks in… You won’t skip your workouts because you can do them ANYWHERE in less than 30 minutes. You’ll gift yourself waking up before the alarm clock goes off (morning person #whodis)You will have MORE TIME to do the things you LOVE! And because I’ve simplified this fitness program to allow freedom and flexibility, it’s easier than ever to stay motivated and on track. Includes 6 weeks program, 5 days/week, 5k Training Plan, that you can start NOW and then when the program officially launches Jan 2020 you will also receive the workout videos! 

TrainingNAKED 6 Week Program

$250.00 Regular Price
$147.00Sale Price
  • TrainingNAKED is a functional fitness program. You will receive the program pdf within 24 hours of purchase and then the workout video in 2020 when we offically launch! Please consult with a doctor before starting a new fitness program. 

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