Body Confident Blueprint

Are you ready to stay motivated, on track and make yourself & your health a priority?


Do you feel stuck? Like you’ve tried everrrrrry thing to lose weight and you end up either bingeing, falling off the wagon or starving? Then gaining the weight back?


Do you struggle to stay consistent with your goals? Googling random diets and/or pinterest workouts hoping they will work for you?


Do you catch yourself asking “WHY is it so easy for them but takes me for-EV-ver to see results?


Dude, I feel you, it’s frustrating as heck. Diets SUCK. 

If this sounds like you...Body Confident Blueprint was created for someone like you.

Gain Confidence + Feel good Naked.

#BodyConfidentBlueprint is NOT a diet program (although you’ll most likely end up losing weight) it’s my unique, flexible approach to workouts that will keep you consistent with your fitness and lifestyle routine instead of quitting 2 weeks in… You won’t feel guilty for "messing up" your diet because through my coaching and education on nutrition and macros, you will



You’ll find yourself waking up before the alarm clock goes off (morning person #whodis) You won’t stay stuck in the cardio corner and can finally find a routine that fits with your busy lifestyle! You will have MORE TIME to do the things you LOVE! 


And because I’ve created this program to allow freedom and flexibility, it’s easier than ever to stay motivated and on track

The Body Confident Blueprint is a 90-day, group coaching program. Inside this blueprint, you will receive the tools and support you need to lose fat & gain muscle in a way that flows with your current lifestyle!

You will learn everything you need to know to transform your body, while learning to love yourself throughout the entire journey. I do this through my signature 5-Step Method.


I have had women lose anywhere between 10-30 pounds using the holistic techniques that I put together from years of experience, and they have reported having a better relationship with food, more energy, and a TOTAL mindset shift with their confidence in their body.

Avoiding mirrors should not be your MO


I want you to feel so confident by the end of these twelve weeks that you find yourself strutting around in your Birthday Suit for no reason! 

You deserve to find a program that helps you embrace

your body while working on your goals. 

You do not have to waste hours in the gym and eat only 

fish and broccoli to get results.

I created BCB to give you the structure and 

support that you need to get results that LAST.


If you have been searching for a program that fits your

busy lifestyle, you are in the right place.



✔ Feeling confident in your skin and even excited to workout! 

✔ Gaining lean muscle mass and losing body fat without crazy long workouts.

✔ Having time for fitness and a social life!

✔ Creating a better relationship with food without crazy restrictive dieting.

✔ Waking up every day with more energy to do the things you love!

all of these things are possible...and more!

About Me

Hey! I’m Jordan Gomez, but my friends call me J.Go. I am a Body Positive Life Coach who helps women lose weight, gain muscle and feel confident in their skin! 


I focus on self-love and body positivity as the ideal way for women to create long-term lifestyle change! 


Growing up, I never felt like I was quite the “right” size. I spent so much of my life trying to “get smaller” because I thought that was the only way I would feel confident.

By using the same method I now teach my clients in BCB, I was able to use macro-tracking to heal my relationship with food and myself. Most importantly, I learned to love my body while losing weight & getting stronger. 


Attending the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, I received my Bachelor's in Exercise and Sport Science, and then became certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine for personal training.


I am extremely passionate about changing the way we, as women, view our bodies and have devoted my life to helping women in the same spot I was years ago.


I am the founder of Body Confident Blueprint and have coached hundreds of women with their weight loss and lifestyle goals!

I host the Confidently Uncomfortable Podcast. I am a Body Confidence Speaker. And I run body positive wellness retreats.


BCB is everything I wish I had when I started my health journey.

And that is why I am sharing it with you...

BCB is for you if...

✔ You feel like you have tried everything to lose weight, and are fed up with dieting + not getting results that last.

✔ You are driven + intelligent, but sometimes feel paralyzed about where to start with your food and fitness.

✔ Your struggle to feel confident when you look in the mirror.

✔ You are read to lose weight + stop allowing fear to hold you back from the best version of you!

✔ You have a demanding job, have limited time, and want to know exactly what to do to be successful.

✔ You want a coach to hold you accountable, call you on your BS and teach you all about fitness and nutrition 

now is the time to invest in you!


What women are saying...


Body Confident Blueprint

Short effective workouts to help you feel confident lose fat + feel good naked.

What to expect

Our first week of working together is very collaborative. We will have a kick-off call to set expectations, goals, and complete a lifestyle & nutrition audit.


With the information I’ve collected, I will create you your custom macros, send you a macro guide, ideal grocery shopping list, and customizable workout plan!


Over the course of the 12 weeks, I will be walking you through my signature 5-step method that has been proven to transform your body and your confidence.


I will personally be monitoring your progress and holding your hand every step of the way, supporting you as you transform your lifestyle & find self-love.


Of course, you will have access to me & group support for any quick questions throughout the week. I am fully investing in you, so I expect you to invest fully in yourself & be dedicated.


This is going to be an amazing mind, body, & soul transformation! It's time for you to finally break up with dieting, forever!

Here is what we provide to ensure your success

  • Customizable Programming based on your goals and lifestyle

  • Exclusive Fitness App Access 

    • Access to my private app where you can find your workout calendar, video demonstrations, as well as instructions on how to perform each exercise. Workouts that can be done in the gym or at home so you can build lean muscle and feel good in your body!

  • Community + Support

    • Kick-off Call to Set Up for Success

    • Weekly Progress Check-ins and Small Group Zoom Calls

    • ​24/7 Community Support via Slack

  • Nutrition Guide + Customized Macros 

    • To get the most out of your 12 weeks, apply the knowledge given to you in the nutrition guide and macro module. Continue to apply these strategies to your lifestyle for continued success!

  • Modules and  Trainings

    • Body Positivity + Confidence Coaching

    • Lifetime Access to all BCB Modules and Materials 

Start Date: March 9th!

Body Confident


 Spots are limited!

I'm interested but want to learn more!

I'm interested and ready to apply!

It's time to put yourself first.


  • Will I get 1:1 time if I join a group coaching program?

    • My 1:1 clients get a different level of access to me. However, group coaching you will still have access to messaging me through the slack channel and receiving coaching ina small group setting. The clients love this because they get to go through their transformations together!

  • What equipment do you need for at home workouts?

    • Minimal Equipment! Just a set of dumbbells. However, I do suggest 2 pairs ( moderate and heavy) to allow you to challenge yourself and see changes! (12-25 lbs.) If you have a gym we will also base your program around that.

  • How long do I have access to the workouts and modules?

    • You will receive access to my exclusive app for the full 12 weeks. Then your workouts will be sent out at the end of the program to keep and use in the future! 

    • You will have access to the modules and trainings for LIFE! And as BCB Alumni you will stay in my community after BCB ends.

  • When does #BodyConfidentBlueprint Start?

    • Monday, March 9th! I will be emailing everyone 2 days before the program begins with all of the details so you are ready to start on Monday!

  • When will you offer this program again? 

    • Not until SUMMER 2020. This is the ONLY chance to get to work in a community this spring with accountability + support throughout the #BCB program. Pricing is likely to increase next round.

  • Will I be able to see a transformation in just 90 days?

    • Absolutely! Not only will you be able to see a transformation but you will FEEL confident from the inside out! I even extend a 30-day satisfaction guarantee upon joining. Because I truly believe in the power of this program.

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