Do you ever wish...

You had a
better mindset?
You were
more confident?
You could stick to a
healthy lifestyle?
You had the
accountability & guidance
to reach your weight loss goals?


You've tried everything to lose weight but nothing seems to work?
You always
fall "off track"
You want to say screw it &
never try another "diet"
You are ready to find a program
you can actually stick with?


Girl, I feel you !!
I remember when I would try diet after diet & always end up "messing up" & would get so upset it would lead to me eating worse and feeling even more guilty.

I am sick of eating my ice cream with a side of guilt & you should be too!

I incorporate education on nutrition & macros to help you lose weight while still eating foods you love!


I am a body positive coach who will work through a lot of negative connotations we have attached to food as well as to our own worth. 

You are not alone, we are all searching to feel valued and loved. 

I want to help you find self-love!



Apply today to join my Online Wellness Coaching Program

Feel free to email me support@JGoFit360.com with any questions!  


"I started training with Jordan in December 2013 to prepare for my upcoming wedding. Jordan was fantastic about putting together interesting, varied workouts that were both fun and novel, and challenged my target areas."

Her program is designed to build you up and make you believe in yourself and your ability to push through and achieve your goals.”

"I was middle age and out of shape. Then I started working with Jordan. She genuinely cares about us and for me that made all the difference in my desire to stick with a program!”

- Lisa McMillan

- Nikki Crowley

- Cathy Mae


Jordan Gomez | Global Online Fitness Coach

Charlotte, North Carolina

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